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Membership Policy

ENGINEERS EUROPE works with one National Committee per country. Every country from the European Higher Education Area can apply for membership


Institutions such as ENGINEERS EUROPE generally gain strength, weight and influence with growth. To be efficient, ENGINEERS EUROPE must however assure an adequate level of homogeneity among its members.

Therefore acceptance criteria have been established which new applicants must prove they fulfill. ENGINEERS EUROPE being a European Federation, the Guideline for the recognition of European identity helps potential applicants to judge by themselves if they belong to this category.


  • Conform to Article §8 and agree with §9 of the Statutes.
  • Being an association apolitical and representative of the profession, democratically organised and independent.
  • Having an adequate level of engineering, education and professional organisation.
  • Association committed to bear financial burden of membership and cooperation.
  • A sufficient amount of people in the engineering population of the country of the applicant should be able to speak one of the official ENGINEERS EUROPE languages.
  • From a democratic country in peace with its neighbouring countries and without territorial claims.
  • Territory within Europe and having an European identity

Countries outside Europe may apply for membership with WFEO.