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The General Association of Engineers in Romania

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Calea Victoriei nr. 118
RO-010093 Bucharest
Tel. : +40 21 3168993/4
Fax : +40 21 312 55 31


President :  Mr. Mihai MIHAITA


Secretary General :  Cristina PUICAN




In Romania, the first durable, professional engineering association, was founded in 1881, under the name of Polytechnical Society. The Romanian General Association of Engineers was founded in 1918. Both associations coexisted until they merged in 1949. Then followed a period when the resulting organisation had different names.

In 1989, the Romanian General Association of Engineers, a professional, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making association under supervision of the Law n° 21/1924, has been reconstituted as a lawful successor of the original associations. It is an open organisation, its members are engineers with recognised title, having the rights and obligations defined by its Statutes, without distinction of speciality, sex, nationality, ethnic, political or religious belonging.

The Romanian General Association of Engineers is a National member of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and cooperates with many regional and international engineering organisations.


AGIR has a federal structure, comprising 28 territorial branches and 12 speciality-based associations. The supreme leading authority is the Congress, which is normally convened every four years. The Council, the members of which are elected by the Congress, convenes in plenary sessions at least twice a year. The 15-member Executive committee of the Council and the technical and administrative staff provide for the effective management of the association.


AGIR comprises the following categories of members:

Individual members (engineers and students in their final year)

Associate members (holders of non-engineering diplomas who have engineering-links or interdisciplinary concerns)

Honorary members

Collective members (engineering professional organisations with juridical personality

Supporting members (institutions, companies and other organisations that support the association’s activity)



to promote the unity of the engineering profession in Romania, in order to increase the contribution of engineers to technical, scientific, economic and social development in Romania

to support the development of technical and scientific research, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the Romanian economy

to act in order to obtain legal protection for the engineers’ title and the practice of the profession

to organise professional debates on the most important issues of the national economy

to ensure a wide exchange of knowledge and experience among its members and the access to technical information for the Romanian engineering community, in order to increase the efficiency of their activity and to attain a higher professional level

to support the members’ free initiative in organising enterprises, productive associations and independent activities, using the association means

In view of its purpose and objectives, the association:

establishes commissions to study and to debate the scientific problems and organise conferences and symposia

presents AGIR’s viewpoints in legislative governmental bodies

organises meetings, symposia and conferences in specific or general interest fields

cooperates with the Romanian Academy of Technical sciences, technical universities, engineering institutes, governmental bodies, trade unions and other non-governmental organisations (NGO) in Romania

cooperates actively and steadily with other national and international engineers organisations, organises and participates in national and international conferences, congresses and colloquia

publishes its own periodicals and maintains its own library and information centres

AGIR is financially independent and receives no governmental or other grants. Its financial basis is made of individual and collective member fees as well as income from the association’s real estate.

AGIR’s bimonthly publication "Engineering Universe" contains information about the internal and international technical and scientific information. It is sent free to all members. Other publications include the "AGIR Bulletin" which appears quarterly and the "AGIR Yearbook".