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Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland
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22 Clyde Road,
Tel. : +353 1 665 1300
Fax : +353 1 665 1350

President: Ms Caroline SPILLANE

Tel.: + 353 1 665 1365

Secretary General : Mr. Damien OWENS, CEng MIEI

Tel. : +353 1 665 13 33
Fax: + 353 1 665 13 50


The Institution of Engineers of Ireland was founded as The Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland in 1835. It received its Royal Charter in 1877. This Charter passed into Irish legislation when, in 1922, Ireland achieved its independence.
In 1960 and 1969 the Institution's Charter was amended by Acts of Dail Eireann (the Irish Parliament) and the 1969 Act (The Institution of Civil Engineers Charter Amendment Act 1969) changed the title to The Institution of Engineers of Ireland and amended the Institution's objectives which were set out as follows:



The Act provides that the purposes of the Institution shall include:


  • Promoting the acquisition of that species of knowledge which appertains to the profession of engineering and advancing engineering science and furthering by all legitimate means the interests of the said profession and of its members.

  • Setting up and maintaining proper standards of professional and general education and training for admission to membership or to any category of membership of the Institution, with power to provide and prescribe instruction and courses of study and to conduct examinations for the purpose of maintaining such standards.

  • Ensuring that the description or the use of initials or letters having a similar significance is confined to a category of engineers who have satisfied the Council of their professional competence and experience, or who are authorised so to describe themselves by a professional body recognised by the Council on that behalf.

  • Maintaining a proper standard of professional ethics and conduct.

  • The Institution of Engineers of Ireland is also the designatory authority under the Statutory Instrument governing the implementation of the European Communities (General System for the Recognition of Higher Education Diplomas) Regulations 1991.

  • The Institution of Engineers of Ireland maintains very close liaison with the Irish Government in matters of educational, infrastructural and industrial policy and it's officers and members serve on a number of Government boards and committees.