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Deutsches Nationalkomitee der ENGINEERS EUROPE

German Engineering Organisations
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Steinplatz 1
D-10623 Berlin

President: Dr. Hans-Heinz ZIMMER (DVT)


Secretary General: Dr. Thomas KIEFER (VDI)

Tel: 49 211 6214305
Fax: 49 211 621497305

The German law system does not plan an official or normal relationship to governmental authorities. Our member associations and DVT itself have good relations to the relevant authorities and governmental authorities are consulting DVT and VDI in general engineering matters. A very good example are the "Ingenieurgesetze der Länder", which were drafted by VDI and DVT together.

In special technical fields the government will ask qualified organizations. For example if the government plans decisions in the field of nuclear energy they would ask Deutsches Atomforum or Kerntechnische Gesellschaft.

DVT member associations

The following link lists the actual German FEANI member associations: