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Estonian Association of Engineers

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c/o Talinn University of Technology
Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 TALLINN
Tel: + 372 6563783

President: Dr. Igor KRUPENSKI:
Vice President/Secretary General: Mr. Enn KERNER:

Member Associations

Estonian Association of Engineers (EAE) comprises all the major engineering institutions in Estonia, and represents Estonian engineers in the matters of importance to the engineering profession as a whole.

The major institutions are listed here:


All these organisations have been established, or substantially re-organised in the 90's, after Estonia recovered its independence.

The member institutions have delegated to EAE the following areas of activity:

    -  co-ordination of interdisciplinary activities
    -  development and unification of requirements and procedures
        for awarding the title of chartered engineer
    -  co-ordinating and monitoring the functioning of
       Continuing Professional Development
    -  preparing (in co-operation with governmental bodies)
       the legal foundation for the engineering profession
    -  international relations in general problems of the engineering profession

At the same time, all the EAE member organisations are completely autonomous in their particular engineering fields (except the regulations approved by the EAE).

The EAE and its member institutions do not deal with Trade Union type of problems, but concentrate on the professional aspects.