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ENGINEERS EUROPE Secretary General, Dirk G. BOCHAR

EuroTeQ Presidential Strategy Forum
Dirk Bochar

Exciting discussions at the EuroTeQ Presidential Strategy Forum on 22 November 2023, organized by the Technical University Munich (TUM) in the light of the European Project EuroTeQ Engineering University, of which TU Munich is the project leader and ENGINEERS EUROPE member of its Executive Board.

With 47 participants, two workshops were organized to brainstorm and consider if skills and competencies lectured today fit in times of AI-chatbots and how universities can identify the future skills they need to lecture and integrate them in student education and LLL.

Present at the event were amongst others the President of TU Munich, Prof. Dr. Thomas HOFMANN and the EU Commission's Director on Innovation, Digital Education and International Cooperation, Mrs Antoaneta ANGELOVA-KRASTEVA, who expressed their interest in participating in future meetings of the European Engineering Skills Council. The EuroTeQ consortium, comprising Rectors and Deans from leading Technical Universities such as Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Tallinn, l'École Polytechnique de Paris, and EPF Lausanne, along with esteemed partners from Business Schools like IESE Barcelona and HEC Paris, forms a highly promising alliance dedicated to addressing contemporary engineering challenges.

EuroTeQ Presidential Strategy Forum